Press Quotes for Pulqueria

“… A lively crowd dines on chef NACXITL GAXIOLA’s friendly, mildly authentic accompaniments: masa gorditos and empanadas, savory little tacos, selections of salsas from throughout Mexico…The Yucatecan pumpkin seed spread, sikil pak, and the tuna tostadas are real winners.”

— NY Times

“… Some of the fervor is deserved. The chef, NACXITL GAXIOLA, formerly of La Superior, offers friendly, mildly authentic accompaniments… Tacos made with grilled nopal, mushroom and poblano are charismatic enough to stand up to any of their meaty compadres, even the sensational housemade chorizo… Mr. Gaxiola has a way with vegetables. His grilled cactus salad is an edifying heap of contrasts: beefy nopales, creamy avocado, sharp onions, salty queso Cotija. Rugged and unabashedly umami, this knockout Yucatecan pumpkin-seed spread pulls no punches.”

— New York Times


“… The cocktails are paired with chef NACXITL GAXIOLA’s take on authentic Mexican grub….”

— New York Magazine


“… Watch below as Laura enjoys an “Inebriated Monkey” (made from the delectable, ancient Mexican elixir pulque) and tastes chef NACXITL GAXIOLA’s take on Mexican street food, including a Mayan pumpkin seed dip and some red snapper tacos.”

— Huffington Post


“… Quell your desire to drunk text your ex by ordering some guacamole or nutty pumpkin-seed dip. …
… Succulent hibiscus flowers are an unexpected treat inside enchiladas basking in a creamy tomato-chipotle sauce. …

The food is certainly better here than you might expect.”

— Village Voice


“… Executive Chef Nacxi Gaxiola (of La Superior) brings some foods from his native

Mexico city, but isn’t afraid to stray into more obscure regional Mexican cuisines, drawing on recipes and flavors from his extensive culinary travels throughout the country.”

— Serious Eats


“… This romantic spot also turns out some really authentic food, too. Don’t miss sharing a bowl of the Sikil Pak, a Mayan pumpkin seed dip served with housemade tortilla chips…”.

— Travel And Leisure


“… — grilled tilapia…usually not my favorite fish, but this was great!…fish had nice texture: not mushy at all like tilapia can be…and the various onion, tomato, cilantro had a bright intense flavor that I loved…
— cochinita (sp) w/ avocado…stewed pork, a nice portion of meat for such a small tortilla, and again great bright bold flavor…incredibly good…

Overall First Impression: the best Mexican food I’ve tasted since I lived in LA…”
— Chow


“… Starting next week they’re unleashing a full menu of eats including eight tacos (tilapia, cactus, pork confit…), tuna ceviche tostadas, and stuffed masa pockets known as Gorditas de Requeson O Papa Con Chorizo, because nothing’s more delicious than cheese, chorizo, and OH MY GOD, DAD, NOOOOOO!!!…”

— Thrillist


“… Executive chef NACXITL GAXIOLA who hails from Mexico City, knows his hometown’s street fare. Lengua (tongue) Taco, a Tostada de Pata (with pickled pig’s feet) and Sesadilla (a quesadilla filled with brains) will satisfy expats and aficionados…”

— Cheers


“… Chef, NACXITL GAXIOLA brings back a lot of the old flavors back…”
“… a fan of Mexican food should be very impressed and will definitely not go hungry. I recommend it to any lover of pulque, and to any foodie who is truly Mexican at heart!…”

— Crutique


“… We all know what they say about good Mexican food in New York City (that there isn’t any!), so I didn’t expect to be wowed by the new Pulqueria…”

“The food exceeded my minimal expectations… Elegantly presented small plates – … – were packed with flavor. The highlight was a whole, roasted, market fish, wrapped in banana leaf, accompanied by a simple side of black beans and rice…”

— Raison D ́Être


“Talented Chef NACXITL GAXIOLA serves up a full menu which is inspired by classic Mexican street food…. Pulqueria is entertaining; pumping out music filled with twenty something’s noshing on Chef GAXIOLA creations.”

“Get the Sikil Pak, … or the tacos, not just your ordinary tacos – these are el primo! Try the Tinga, … or the Pescado Zarandeado, … – definitely a flavor burst to the palate.”

“The Mole Poblano – a classic creamy recipe of that rich dark Mexican gravy we all love – is done very well here with farm raised duck Enchiladas.”

“Pulqueria is a myriad of traditional Mexican flavors,…”

— Agenda New York


“…Enchiladas Suizas were freaking amazing! the creamy green tomatillo sauce, the

string cheese-like melted goodness and the shredded chicken took me right back to one of my absolute favorite dishes from my Mexico trip last year. Helloawesome.”

— Meet And Eat Online


“… Mexico City, with its dizzying array of flavors, has become a foodie’s Valhalla; Chef NACXI GAXIOLA designed the menu around his hometown’s street foods…”

— Modern Luxury