Press Quotes for La Superior

“… La Superior offers a fun and authentically delicious south of the border dining experience that even the city’s West Coast transplants should find impressive….”
Highlights may include crispy flautas dressed with excellent salsa verde, panuchos de cochinita (slow cooked pork and Meshed Black beans atop a thick tortilla); and tacos like the surprisingly decadent rajas, filled with strips of roasted poblanos and tangy crema.”

–Michelin Guide

“if you’re the kind of eater who keeps track of worthwhile Mexican restaurants on a wallsize map of the five boroughs, La Superior would rate a pushpin on the strength of its tacos alone. But what sets it apart is its dinner menu, with types of street food less frequently spotted in the city” […]

“Tacos taste resoundingly good, a sandwich with crisp, juicy chunks of carnitas, covered with a red sauce of chiles de arból are worthy of passion.” […]

–The New York Times

“Judging by its name, La Superior has a pretty high opinion of itself, and on the basis of the cheap and delicious snackathons the U.G. enjoyed there recently, we’d have to say it’s well deserved…. What counts most is the toothsomeness of the griddled corn masa, the piquancy of the salsas, and the tenderness of the pork in the cochinita pibil. On these fronts, La Superior excels…”

“the Mexican street food, served in tapas-style portions, is vibrantly seasoned and generally satisfying, especially anything stuffed into a corn-masa casing”

“The latest downmarket hot spot in restaurant-mad Williamsburg is La Superior, on Berry Street, where the tiny space was packed, the last time I dropped in, with crowds of local taco fiends clamoring for a taste of authentically messy Mexican-street-food specialties….

“La Superior excels…the real highlight of the menu is the stellar selection of delectable corn-masa-based snacks that Mexicans call antojitos, often embellished with chopped onions and cilantro, drizzled with crema, and served with one of two superb house salsas-a lively tomatillo and a spicier chile de árbol.”

“What La Superior lacks in interior design, it makes up for in good food.”

“ Spicy vats of pork and melted cheese ladled over sourdough. Eat half of it and you’ll be set for a week.

–New York Magazine

“La Superior is arguably the best Mexican restaurant on the East Coast…”

“The tacos are so good that before eating them I have to tape up my head because I’m afraid it will explode from yummy”.

“If you visit La Superior and don’t fall in love with the place, then… I don’t know, maybe you’re not capable of loving at all. Sorry.”

— Vice Magazine

“I could never find Mexican food that I liked in New York,” she lamented, “till I found La Superior.”

“…the menu represents an assimilated take on Mexican food, consciously inventing…”

“It does this by appropriating recipes from several regions… and adapting them for New York tastes. That means plenty of flavor… and letting simple ingredients shine…”

“…though the jalapeños promised by the menu are, once again, a distant cultural memory.”

–The Village Voice

“It tasted unbelievably fresh, as if it had been made two seconds before it reached the table…. And the quesadilla might be the best five bucks you can spend on food.”

“Streetwise takes on tacos and quesadillas abound, but good luck tearing yourself away from the baseball-size gorditas overflowing with mild requesón and slick, orange chorizo, or the exceptional sopa tarasca, a traditional black bean soup punched up with ancho chili goodness.”

–Daily News

“a sweet, no-pretense spot for gathering friends over cheap Mexican eats.”

–NY Post

“ Why we love it: Picture the best taco truck in L.A. doing it up restaurant-style in Williamsburg and you’re halfway there.“

–Time outt

“… Best Mexican”

“… This no-frills Williamsburg joint serves up some serious Mexican street food…. The tasty tacos, and the brunch-time egg, bean, and tortilla combinations offer reliable hangover helpers.”

“… A charming Mexican restaurant inspired by the classic cantinas, taquerias, and small town eateries in Mexico… the restaurant has a great seasonal menu featuring authentic ‘comida corrida y callejera’ (Mexican market diner and street food).”

–The L Magazine

“… the carne asada is tender and glistening, and the fiery red chipotle sauce, available on shrimp as the Camaron al chipotle, offers zing with no lack of smoke.”

“Flavors are authentic, far surpassing what passes for “Mexican” at most New York restaurants.”


“ The service is friendly and the menu is affordable, but the real reason to come here is for the hard-to-find Mexican delights…. There’s nothing fancy about La Superior, but it may serve the most authentic Mexican cuisine this side of the East River.”


“By far the best was the carnitas, pork confit and pickled onions piled high, pungent and acidic at once. There was a fair amount of post-prandial lip-smacking.”

–Serious Eats

“… If you want authentic Mexican food in Williamsburg, look no further than the street — Berry Street, that is.

–The Brooklyn Paper

“… the tacos, the guac, the gorditas, the cactus salad— all worth the visit for anyone in the neighborhood.”

–Eater, NY

“The fresh guac and chips has a terrific creamy texture and lime-forward flavor. And the shrimp taco with chipotle sauce is fiery bliss.

–Eater´s Journal

“ The food lives up to its boastful name.”

–Planet Magazine

“… The chorizo was like nothing I’ve tasted; a medley of spicy flavors that I devoured too quickly to contemplate.”

“… But you know a place is good when the wait staff shows a clear passion for the food. When asked for a taco recommendation, one waiter said “that’s like asking me to choose between my children.”


“… La Superior was really a treat that will keep on giving… I cannot wait to go back to try everything on their menu.”

–Cherry Patter NYC

“ The filling for the beef tongue taco was hot and juicy – none of the dry mealiness to the meat found in inferior versions. Worth a return just to work through the rest of the taco list…”.

–Pink Pig NYCC

“La Superior’s chef, NACXI GAXIOLA is not only like an encyclopedia of Mexican food, but he actually worked on one as the assistant to Mexican food scholar Ricardo Muñoz for years in Mexico City. His academic approach also includes an affinity for chemistry (which he studied in university before cooking).”


“I have to start with the tacos, which are as far as I have found the best in all of Brooklyn…. They are nothing less than authentic and carefully prepared using fresh, high quality ingredients.”

–New World review

“…far better than Bonita. The fish tacos are wonderful; so are the ezquites (corn in a cup); so is the nopales salad” “….everybody was happy & thought it was authentic.”

–Chowhound Juanita

“… at La Superior, bring an open mind and a real appetite for la cocina Mexican.”

–Chef Mateo