Phillosophy is what inspires me, drives me or lead me tells some how what I was
thinking, what I thaught, what I done as a consecuence and what I Ten comes the plans and ideas…

The ability to create new ideas in the future is dependent on a comprehensive
understanding of the past. My food has been shaped not only by my background in
chemistry and physics, but also by my interest in culture, tradition, and the historic
fundamentals of gastronomy. I am primarily interested in gastronomical transformations
that cultivate inventiveness and ingenuity, in addition to serving as a form of cultural

To shape the future, one must first understand the past. It is my interest in culture,
tradition and the historical fundamentals of gastronomy has shaped my food, as well as
my background understanding chemistry and physics. I am primarily interested in
gastronomical transformations that cultivate development and inventiveness, and serve as

Eat is a biological need but cooking is a cultural aproach.

I aproach by trying to understand where it comes from, how it was conceived and
where is going.

Understanding his historical and scientific processes

From my perspective, being a chef is so interesting because it requires navigating a series
of complex intersections. It is here that traditional ingredients meet modern preparations,
science and chemistry meet the art of presentation, and necessity battles with pleasure.
Experimentation and innovation also play a huge role in my philosophy of cooking.