Taking NotesNacxitl Gaxiola

Chef and culinary consultant Nacxi Gaxiola has more than 17 years of experience in the culinary arts, specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine. His approach to food honors traditional Mexican flavors and recipes modified through modern techniques and presentations.

Born in France but raised in Mexico City, his background in chemistry, as well as his work with some of Mexico’s most renowned chefs, has inspired his ongoing quest to perfect the Mexican culinary experience. Additionally, his knowledge of Mexican history and his research-based approach to menu creation have proven to be the key to the success of restaurants in both Mexico and the United States.

He worked for esteemed chef-researcher Ricardo Muñoz Zurita as an executive culinary researcher, helping to create an updated edition of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy as well as eight other titles including one devoted to Mexican Salsas. He also helped plan and organize many aspects of Zurita’s restaurants, culinary trips, books, and research.

In 2008, Nacxi helped launch Mexican restaurant La Superior in Williamsburg, Brooklyn; which quickly earned positive reviews from major publications including The New York Times and the Michelin Guide.

Three years later, he created the menu for Pulqueria, a nightlife and dining hotspot in Chinatown featuring his traditional Mexican fare.

Nacxi has worked as a consultant for Stephen Starr Restaurants, developing different dishes and menus, most recently as part of the opening team for El Vez located in the Goldman Sachs building in New York City.

He has also taught Mexican cooking techniques, including a salsa-making course at the Brooklyn Kitchen.

He is also founder of Mexican Epicure, an umbrella company for several culinary projects. Over the last year, Nacxi developed XILLI, a line of Mexican preparations; Salsas, Moles Escabeches and Adobos; and CALLEJERO a Mexican street food truck housed in a Vintage Citroen H Van.

To Nacxi, authenticity means maintaining respect for a product’s true origins and honoring lasting traditions and techniques. He is following the path of those who came before him while adding the next chapter to the tome of Mexico´s culinary and cultural traditions.

Nacxi strives for perfection, but believes it can only be achieved through practice, persistence, and the art of consistent reproduction. He holds conscientious methods and communal values as cornerstones of his vision, paying attention to every detail so that it is thoughtful, mindful, aware, and done with a dedication to sustainable methods and practices, all the while pushing boundaries and finding new and innovative ways to engage.

Nacxi’s promise is to constantly evolve – pushing boundaries, giving back, and exposing the voices and new methods he believes in.